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International Scientific Journal

Media and Communication/Mediji i komunikacije

(Journal about media, communication, journalism and public relations).


Union of Local Public Broadcaster of Montenegro

Academy of Social Sciences.


The mission of the journal is to publish scientific and professional papers and researches in the field of the social sciences and humanities – as well as in the field of media, communication, journalism and public relations.


The objective of the journal is to contribute to the development of the theory of media in Montenegro and in the region, and that research results are available to domestic and foreign theorists. Editorial policy of the journal is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to research and study of media, journalism and PR.


The journal is intended for media theorists, professors, students, media employees and PR agencies, as well as the general public interested in ethical, cultural, social, economic and technological aspects and events both in traditional and in the new media.


The journal will publish papers in languages of former Yugoslavia or in English, which have been confirmed by two positive reviews.


The journal will be published twice a year in June (special issue) and in November.

The electronic edition is available on the website www.media-com.me

The first issue that comes out in June 2014. is dedicated to the theme of ``Journalism – the crisis of the profession``.